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Acupuncture Hospital

Acupuncture hospital near Shreyas Crossing managed by Dr. P.G. Shah in the western part is the oldest acupuncture hospital of Ahmedabad city. This hospital is renovated and modernized now. It consists of lodging and boarding facilities. Phone no. is 079-2662 0472.

This hospital is run since last 24 years. Previously it was in Kalupur area, heart of city. It has capacity presently for 20 bed and can be extended to 40 beds. This hospital is not far from S.T. Stand and Railway station.

Like Indian Ayurved therapy, acupuncture therapy from China is older than 3000 years, which is given recognition by World Health Organization in the year 1979. Then it is developed faster and today advanced technic known as ‘Electroacupuncture’ is more popular. The basic principle on which it works is ‘Tchi or Chi’ means the energy of life, i.e. ‘Pran’ what we call. The disease means an obstacle in the flow of ‘Chi’.

In acupuncture no medicine is introduced in the body and treatment is done by stimulating the inner energy of the body. The acupuncture expert gives treatment by applying needles on proper points of the body part.

After pricking needles on specific points of paining site, needles are stimulated with a machine so the intensity and frequency of stimulation is absolutely perfect. The patient does not have to exert as in physiotherapy, so it is very easy to take treatment. The treatment is given in prone or left or right lateral position of the patient as required.

Previously this treatment was given maximum for one or two hours, but as per new research, the patient can be given treatment for 2 to 4 hours continuously in a day and if it is taken twice in a day, duration will be for 4 to 8 hours. So patients suffered from paralytic attack or backache or who cannot move more, can stay here and take the treatment. In most of the cases, improvement occurs in two to three weeks. The patient can take medicines along with acupuncture treatment. If a patient is taking drugs for a long time it is withdrawn gradually.

Sometimes in some diseases, patient is advised to undergo surgery, or any other costly therapy, where the patient get disappointed that he or she has to live with this disease. But they should not get disappointed. Acupuncture is less expensive and time consuming comparing with other therapies.

The director of Acupuncture hospital Pro. Dr. P.G.Shah is a well-known acupuncturist in India and abroad. He is Practicing Acupuncture since last 24 years. He is M.B.B.S., M.D., Ph. D. He is graduate in Allopathic Medicine (M.B.B.S.) from B. J. Medical College of Gujarat University and got M.D. & Ph. D. degrees in Acupuncture from Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka. He has written number of articles time and again in various magazines, newspapers & journals. His book on Acupuncture is translated in Hindi, English and Marathi. As per his opinion acupuncture is defined in one sentence i.e. acupuncture is the effective treatment for pain, paralysis and allergy. It means that for activation of any type of paralytical parts of the body of patient, to heal any type of pain and to mitigate allergic sickness like cold-asthma-cough, acupuncture can be an effective treatment. It removes obstacle from flow of life energy, and gives a ray of hope in the frustrated patients.

Major advantage of acupuncture is that, there are no side effects. There are no dos and don'ts and no excercises.

In this hospital acupuncture treatment is given in various diseases specially The Knee, Heel, Back, Neck, Wrist, Shoulder pain, Osteoarthritis, Rheumetoid arthritis, Gout, Facial paralysis, Upper limb, lower limb paralysis, Bronchial Asthma, Cold- allergic rhinitis, Over weight, Obesity etc. Apart from these, diseases like Mental Retardation, Gas,Acidity, Indigestion or Writer's Cramps, Insomnia, Submucous fibrosis.

i.e not opening mouth due to tobacco chewing, acupuncture is an effective treatment. Also there is no risk involved such as in an operation. Treatment by acupuncture is very simple with no risks and sure results. So the patients should go for acupucture.

This hospital is renoveted and has boarding facility, so patients can stay here. Needy patient can get treatment at concessional rate. Patients from Ahmedabad city and cities of Gujarat come here from treatment. Patients from neighbour states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are referred here.


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