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  • Diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Neck pain
  • Obesity
  • Paralysis
  • Backache

The Diseases in which Acupuncture is highly beneficial

1. Osteoarthritis.
2. Rheumetoid arthritis
3. Backache
4. Sciatica
5. Cold- allergic rhinitis
6. Bronchial Asthma
7. Polio
8. Upper limb, lower limb paralysis
9. Facial paralysis
10. Mental Retardation.

11. Epilepsy, Hysteria.
12. Chest-Pain
13. Headache, Migraine
14. Menstrual Pain
15. Shoulder Pain
16. The Painful Heel and Sole.
17. Neck-pain
18. Pain and swelling due to injury.
19. Insomnia.
20. Writer's Cramps
21. Gas, Acidity, Indigestion.
22. Over weight, Obesity
23. Under weight
24. Fatigue and depression.
25. Tobacco-Addiction.
26. Submucous fibrosis
i.e not opening mouth due to tobacco chewing


Acupuncture for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis, are often asking questions e.g. is there no sure treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis or Do I have to suffer for all my life ? When they don't get much relief from medicines and the pain continues to haunt them, they feel it.

There is a good news for such patients. Acupuncture is now considered a surefire treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis not only in India, but also in other countries and doctors prefer to refer their patients to the Acupuncturist.

Osteoarthritis occurs at an older age but Rheumatoid Arthritis occurs in younger ages at twenty to forty five years. In this disease the affected parts are usually the joint but now a day it is considered "Miscencymal Connective tissue" disease. Its effects can be seen on the bones of the skull, muscles, tendons, fascia, cynovial, bursae, lungs, plura, heart and pericardium. Sometimes spleen and eyes are also affected. This disease affects women more than men in the ratio of

5:1. The onset of the disease can be acute, subacute and chronic.
Before the symptoms of Arthritis manifest themselves, several other signs can be seen in the patient. For months, the patient may complain of nausea, fatigue, anorexia, transient muscle & joint pains and weight loss. The reason for all these symptoms is later found to be Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The onset of joint pain occurs in various styles. Sometimes the pain starts from the interphalangeal joints of the second and third finger and spreads to other interphalangeal and meta-carophalangeal joints. Mostly the onset is simultaneous in both hands.

Sometimes the pain starts from the toes of the feet. Initially the disease remains confined to the fingers and toes of the limbs, but as the disease progresses, wrists, tarsal joints, ankles, knees or elbows also get involved, followed by shoulders and lastly the hip joints are affected During the active stage of the disease, stiffness of joint is observed especially after getting up from sleep. Gradually pain starts followed by swelling. The joints are tender and the skin is warmer than the surrounding areas. Gradually the movement becomes limited, oedema occurs due to synovitis and periarthritis. Thick fluid accumulates in the joint cavity. Deformity starts developing due to the weakness of periarticular tissue and the most commenly observed deformity is the ulnar deviation of the fingers. The muscles above and below the affected joint show considerable atrophied due to disuse.

The patient is unable to sleep due to pain. Depression may also occur. After a long period of acute stage, the acute stage dies out, but recurrences can occur, months or years later. Some times the lungs and heart are also affected.

In the chronic stage, the joints affected during the acute stage shows limitation of movement, for example the knee cannot be fully extended or fully fixed. The fingers of the hand show ulnar deviation. The feet seem to become flat and the toes are extended near the metatarsophalangeal joints. Due to this the head of the metatarsal bone forms a ball on the sole of the feet, which can cause corns. In advanced stage, contractures of the tendons and joints capsules, secondary osteoarthritis, or a fibrous or bony ankylosis are frequently seen.
Initially x-rays don't show any change in the joints. Later, osteoporosis and shortening of space between the bones can be seen.

Out of various treatments, Acupuncture is the most effective treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis.
The patient is first examined to find out which joints are most painful and acupuncture is given accordingly. For example if the pain is most severe in the fingers, wrist and the elbow joints, then the needles are inserted at the specific points of these parts. Similarly for the pain in knee or ankles, those points are chosen. Treatment can be done in sitting posture in these cases, whereas if the thigh, hip, lumbar or carvical region is affected treatment is given in lying position. If the patient is very weak, then specific points in the chest and hands are also stimulated.

After pricking the needles at the specific points, wires of stimulator are joined with. Now these points are stimulated with the help of electrostimulator. This type of treatment can be given for 1 to 2 hours or more continuously.

After the time is over the electrostimulator is switched off and wires are taken out. Then the needles are taken out. Before pricking the needles and after taking them out, spirit is applied to the particular part.

Such treatment can be given one to two or three times per day. Usually within 10-20 hours treatment patient can feel relief in pain and swelling.
If the disease is in an acute stage, and patient has fever and high E.S.R. in blood examination alongwith swelling of the joints, the fever becomes normal, E.S.R. returns to normal and swelling and pain reduces if acupuncture treatment is given. Quicker results are obtained if treatment is commenced at acute stage compared to the chronic stage. If the patient is presented with some deformity in the chronic stage, improvement can be seen with treatment.
There is no side effect of Acupuncture. The patient does not have to follow too many does and don't also. If the patient is taking allopathic drugs, the drugs are withdrawn gradually to prevent any adverse effects. Therefore, it is not unusual, that acupuncture is fast gaining repute as a treatment of choice for Rheumatoid Arthritis all over the world. Instead of losing heart, the patients can now take recourse to this treatment and benefit.

Acupuncture For Neck Pain


Are you aware of the importance of the part connecting the head and the trunck, called the neck? Have you ever thought, how many times and ways the neck the moved in a day ? Normally, as long as a body part is functioning proparly, its importance is not much understood. Same is the case with neck. Only a person who has neck pain and difficulty in neck movements can understand its utitily.

Especially if the patient is sufferring from cervical spondylosis then even various treatments can not restore normal movements. Not only this, but as the disease progresses the neck becomes absolutely stiff. On not finding a proper care, the patient becomes desperate. But now they need not despair because acupuncture has been found to be very effective in such cases.This ancient therapy, which has now come back in a new form, has the approval of W.H.O also, which proves its importance as well as utility. Acupuncture has gained popularity not just in India but abroad also.

Neck is an important part of our body. It joins the head to the trunk. The neck consists of 7 vertebras which are known as "cervical vertebras". Out of these seven the first vertebra is known as 'Atlas and the second as 'Axis'. Compared to the other vatebras, these two have a special shaps and function.

Atlas is a rounded bone without a cartilage and its posterior portion is empty and makes a hole for spinal canal by articalating with the lamini. Thus it consists of a big hole made of anterior and postereor band like stracture and is shaped like a ring. On both lateral sides of the bone there are two shallow, smooth and flat depressions which articulate with the occipital bone situated at the base of the skull. The two processes situated near the foramen magnum articulate with this depression. Thus the atlas is connected to the skull.
In the body of this vertebra, there is a hole, as in a finge ring. On its anterior portion a process from the body of the second vertebra 'axis' comes and articulates. Due to this the atlas and the Skull can rotate on axis in a semi circle both towards right and left. Ligament coming from the body of the atlas, enlace of the process of the axis and hold it strongly in place so it cannot shift and the spinal cord passing from the spinal canal is also not pressed by the near by process.

Thus, in normal conditions, the structure of neck is such that no pressure is created on the spinal cord. If there is an injury and a ligament is pulled, or arthritis, osteoasthritis of joints occurs, then there can be a pain in the neck. Some times swelling may be there and movements may be restricted. In a few cases this movement may be completely stopped.

When such a problem occurs, then only a person realizes the improtance of the neck in day to day working. Normally while viewing from right ot left or up to down, we move our eyes as well as the neck but when the neck becomes stiff and its movement becomes restricted, to see in a particular direction, the entire body has to be turned in that direction. Since neck movement are improtant for reading writing as well as eating and drinking, a stiff neck becomes a major problem. This problem is seen especially in cases of arthritis. When the neck muscles become stiff. Then the neck remains bent on one side. Sometimes there is pain in the back of the head. In some cases the neck pain is accompanied by backache, shoulder pain, chest pain etc.

Acupuncture is effective in any type of neck pain. The patient is seated and needles as pricked in the points of neck and hands. If headache, shoulder pain, chest pain etc. is also present then the points related to them are also pricked. Electrostimulation is given for 60 minutes once or twice a day. The swelling and pain reduces and the movements are also restored. Thesefore instead of being dissappointed the patients should resort of acupuncture.

Acupuncture for Reduction of fat

Imagine walking on a railway station or crossing over to another platform by climbing stairs, while carrying a luggage weighing 8-10 kg. How would it feel ? You would be dead tired in 10-15 minutes only. Won't you think of getting rid of this weight? But there are people who are constantly carring even larger weights. These people have accumulate this weight either on their buttocks or their abdomen. If they feel tired quickly, it is not surprising. Are you one of them? Do you want to get rid of this extra baggage ? Then try acupuncture.

If your weight more than normal, if you want to lose weight and inspite of trying various methods there has been no change in your weight? Don't be disheartened. There is still one method called acupuncture. It is such a therapy that if you are overweight you can lose weight.

Some disease like hypothyroidism can cause weight gain. Females gain weight during pregnacy and remain overweight after delivery. Excessive fatty diet, sedatary lifestyle, and lack of exercise, all contribute towards excessive weight gain. Obesity can also be caused by long duration treatment by steroids.

Yes, you can reduce your weight by acupuncture. Acupuncture is as effective for losing weight, as it is in any kind of pain, asthma and paralysis.
Normally the weight of a person depends on the structure of the body. Some have thin structure and some have a heavy structure. A standard has been fixed according to the age, height and structure of a person. If the weight is more, compared to this standard then it should be reduced and if it is less than the staudard, an increase is essential.

Acupuncture is very effective in reducing excessive body fat. The patient is examined prior the treatment that where there is excessive fat accumulation on the body parts like abdomen, buttocks, chest, legs, shoulders, hands etc. and specific points are chosen and needles applied. They are stimulated by the electrostimulator for 1-2 hours once or twice a day. Instant results are seen and the weight is reduced. Even cases where the excessive weight is a result of side effects of steroids, acupuncture is very effective.

If needles are applied to parts where excessive fat is accumulated, it gives immediate result. Fats start getting less and weight reduction starts.
Apart from weight reduction, the patient feels energetic and enthusiastic with acupunture. This is an additional benefit of this therapy.

Acupuncture activates the vital energy of the body and removes physical problems. It increases the immunity of the body. The circulation of blood in the body improves and each cell of the body gets adequate oxygen and so its efficincy increases.

Diet also plays an important role in weight gain or loss. Therefore, after reduction of weight proper diet should be taken to mantain the body weight. But diet also plays an important role in weight loss or gain. So an overweight patient should take care not to take high calory food.

Thus, acupuncture is a simple, effective and proper method for weight reduction. This is achieved by activating the internal vital energy of the body and no external medicine is required. Therefore, patients should especially take benfit from this.

Acupuncture for Paralysis


Do you know that acupuncture is the simplest and most effective remedy for any kind of paralysis? Not just in India but also abroad, people get cured of paralysis with the help of this treatment. Not just lay men, but doctors have also started believing in this treatment and often refer their paralytic patients for this treatment. W.H.O has also approved this mode of treatment, which shows its effectiveness and importance. And the reason for this is, that acupuncture can give quick and definite result in paralysis.

Usually paralysis signifies that the normal life of a person is finished because once a part of the body is paralysed, a person has to curtail his routine activities to a certain extent and depend upon others for his routine personal things also. So he becomes disheartened. For such patients acupuncture is a ray of hope. Acupuncture can be considered as the choice of treament for paralysis.

Paralysis can affect only one hand or one leg or both legs. Some times one upper limb and the opposite lower limb can be affected. Facial paralysis can sometimes accompany the paralysis of limbs or can be present alone.

Paralysis of limbs can occur due to various reasons. In our country, the major reason in small children is polio, where as in adults, cerebral haemorrhage, thrombosis or embolism are the main causes. Most of such patients also suffer from hypertension. Apart from this, head or spinal injuries, tuberculosis, meningitis, diabetes, brain tumour, polyneuritis etc. can also cause paralysis.

Since there are various causes of paralysis, the symptoms also differ. Before starting treatment by acupuncture, all these factors are taken into consideration. Before treatment, the effect of paralysis on each muscle group is accessed and its power rated from zero to five count as under :
If the muscle power is more and the duration of paralysis is less, recovery is quicker. If the paralysis is of upper as well as lower limbs, or just lower limbs, then the patient is kept in sleeping posture while applying the needles on special points in both limbs. Then stimulation by the electrostimulator is done for one hour and a course of fifteen days provides improvement. Treatment twice a day gives even quicker response.

Acupuncture works by activating the vital energy of the body. The patient does not have to follow many do's and don'ts also. If the patient is on medication for hypertension or diabetes, he can continue along with acupuncture.
Thus overall, this therapy is very simple, riskless and effective. It does not harm in any way. There are chances of getting good results in very chronic cases also. So why shouldn't the paralytic patients benefit from this therapy ?

Acupuncture for backache



Everyone has experienced pain in some or the other part of the body sometimes. Especially sometimes in life almost everyone experiences pain between the neck and the lumbar area. But if this pain is of the milder kind, very few people take notice and if this pain countinues for a longer period some people take it as a part of the remaining life and become disheartened. For such patient acupuncture brings a ray of hope.

Before knowing the details of acupuncture in backache, let us first see the anatomy of the back as well as the various reasons for backache.
The vertebral column is divided into three parts i.e. cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

There is a total of 33 vertebrae in the entire vertebral column. There are 7 cervical vertabrae, 12 dorsal vertebrae and 5 lumbar vertebra along with sacrum (consisting of 5 sacral vertebrae) and coccyx (compossed of 4 coccygeal vertebrae).
These vertebrae are in articulation with the adjacent vertebrae. Intervertebral discs are pieces of fibrocartilage inserted between the adjacent vertebrae bodies, which act as a buffer in absorbing shock and thus prevents infarct to spinal cord.

All these vertebae join eachother, to form the spinal column. It is very strong. The spinal canal situated in the column is continuous and houses the spinal cord coming out from the foramen magnum of the skull. The spinous processes of the vertebrae are directed backwards and slightly downward and give attachments to supra and infra spinous ligaments and numerous muscles. This column carries the weight of the entire body.

There is not much of movement in the inter vertebral joints.
Now, as we know the anatomy of back, we can understand that if a prolapse of disc between two vertebrae occurs or if there is strain or swelling of the ligaments or muscles, backache will occure. If proper position of back is not maintained during sitting or standing then also pain can occur. Osteo arthritis of vertebrae can also give rise to backache.

Most backaches seem to begin, while bending forward to pick up some object from the floor. The pain usually comes on suddenly and it may be very difficult to straighten up to a standing position again. While travelling, if the posture of the body is not maintained while standing, sitting or lying down or if there is a sudden jerk while moving in a vehicle, backache can occur.

Apart from vertebrae, discs, ligament and muscles, there can be other reasons also for backache. For example diseases of stomach, kidney, gallbladder etc. and in females, due to menstrual troubles, salpingitis or ovarian tumours etc. backache can take place.

Acupuncture gives very rapid result in any type of pain including backache. Before starting treatment patient is examined thoroughly. Patient is kept in prone or left or right lateral position and one to one and a half inch long needles are pricked on specific points in both sides of the back. In legs also, at specific points the needles are pricked, which are found to be very effective in backache. If the patient complains of pain in thigh also, thin 3-5 inch long needles are pricked in the thigh. These needles are stimulated with the help of electrostimulator for 60 minutes. Depending upon the severity of pain this treatment is given once or twice a day.

If the patient is in extreme pain and is unable to move then he is advised complete bed rest till the situation improves.

In cases where there is a disc prolapse and patient is totally bedridden, acupuncture treatment enables him to walk in 3-4 weeks. This is the speciality of Acupuncture. Even chronic cases get good results from acupuncture.

In acupuncture no medicine is introduced in the body and treatment is done by stimulating the inner energy of the body. The treatment is done by applying needles at specific points of the site of pain and stimulating with a machine so the intensity and frequency of stimulation is absolutely perfect. The patient does not have to exert as in physiotherapy so it is very easy. There is no risk like surgery.

So, in totality this treatment is very simple and risk less, then the patient should try to get freedom from backache with acupuncture.


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